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I live in the beautiful Cotswolds; I'm married with two children, I run a small cleaning company and I’m a keen gardener and a passionate painter. 

I've always been interested in art and design, but in particular I'm drawn to the medium of watercolour. I am fascinated by vibrant colour combinations that blend well to make soft, faded backgrounds and strong values for foregrounds.  I love the way water captures pigment and moves it across a pristine surface, making new and interesting patterns, shapes and colours.


I find that watercolours reflect my state of mind and I can see my mood in the results. Sometimes dark and moody, sometimes bright, light and joyful.  Often, a bold, confident touch of the paintbrush in the right place really lifts a painting and makes it come to life.

My inspiration is drawn from nature; my garden, the flowers and animals within it and the surrounding countryside. Colour is key in my paintings and trying new and vibrant colour combinations brings me so much pleasure.


I'm always up for a challenge; I enjoy being asked to paint commissions and I'm very grateful to those people who have trusted me to produce a special piece that captures an image that means so much to them; hopefully, my interpretation does them justice.


I hope that you like them too.

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